Stormy weather is a fact of life in Texas, whether you’re a resident of the tornado-prone high plains or living along the Gulf of Mexico coast, where hurricanes have been known to cause major damage. Although coastal living has its attractions, the threat of a complete loss of property due to a big storm certainly [ Read On… ]

The letter of the law in Texas today for automobile drivers is to pay for any injuries and damages related to a vehicle accident you caused. In turn, there are Texas drivers who simply purchase low-rate liability automobile insurance to satisfy the requirements of this law. However, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles reminds drivers [ Read On… ]

Almost every lender will require that you have basic hazard insurance before they approve a loan, but most homeowners will want comprehensive coverage before getting the keys to their new home. These policies can be invaluable when any number of common mishaps or accidents take place and you are in need of financial compensation. If [ Read On… ]

You may not be the sort of person who spends a lot of money on cars, and your spending habits keep you in cars that have little value. Cheap cars are excellent modes of transportation that cost you almost no money, but you need not spend money on an auto insurance plan that saps your [ Read On… ]